Tuesday, June 26

Rachel Love Getting Naughty

Do you like my tight white panties? Maybe you didn't even look at my ass after seeing my tits! I've got both a great curvy ass and big F size tits, so how could a guy go wrong! Here I am getting naughty again - as if I every quit being naughty! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20

Lucky Fan Gets Blowjob From Rachel Love

Well I'm here on the set and one of my lucky, lucky fans gets to have a blow job today! After winning a contest, what more could one ask for then a blow job by a big tit blonde mom! Stroke as I stroke my lucking fans thick hard pulsating cock!

Monday, January 15

Rachel, Brooklyn And Perisa

First off we played dress up and tried on each others clothes, we were teasing each other as we were doing our makeup, the build up was pretty hot. Persia is a cougar in heat, she knows what she is doing and loves every bit of it, it's fun to play with girls who know what they are doing and we had a blast, it was hard to keep our hands off during our interview. We both wanted to see who could push the other to their limit, I think she loved the magic wand.

Sunday, October 22

Rachel Love In Rent Sex

It looks like I'm late with the rent again. But I'm not worried. I've seen my land lord scoping out my natural tits and I am pretty sure I can offer him something else instead of the rent money. Once I wrap my lips, pussy and breasts around his cock he is going to forget all about the money I owe him...

Monday, September 18

Time With Veronica Avluv

First off let me say I looked at her and thought she was cute but wasn't certain of how we would be together, she is so fuckin hot and she really knew how to get me going. I will admit I loved her fucking me with the strap-on but the most fun was taunting her with the magic wand until she squirted, then I felt like I was on fire, it was such a fantastic turn on and I came so frickin hard. Cant wait to have me so more of Ms. Avluv!

Tuesday, July 18

Rachel Love's Rack Job

Who among us does not think Rachel Love is as hot as a lunch wagon taco in Puebla, Mexico? Miss Love has been handling a mean stick on and off since 1994. "Rachel Love's Rack Job" proves the blonde Californian with a baby doll voice can handle a billiard stick too. The camerawork is in point of view, sparing us from seeing the human-dildo's fucking face as he fills Rachel's cunt and fucks her deep cleavage on the floor next to the pool table. Your balls are in her corner pocket. Check out her grip on the dude's stick as she jerks and yanks, teases and tickles it to a happy ending. Her aim's a little off but it all ends in a nice big mess nonetheless. Chalk up another satisfied opponent for this hot, little pool hustler! When you lose to Rachel Love, you still win.

Monday, May 15

Rachel Love At The 50's Diner

Now here's a dessert that should be on every menu of every diner - me! I'd love to give you second helpings too, because once you have a taste of me the first time around, you'd be ready for more right away! I had to grab my dildo and show off the sweet taste of sugar for everyone, and I'm sure you'll love this solo set of me masturbating!